Since 2002, We Keep Developing Successful Projects. Read More About Us Below.


Who are we ?

Seaking Shipping Limited BVI (SKS) was registered in the British Virgin Islands in 2002. SKS has been operating voyage and time charter vessels for more than a decade with close cooperation with cargo owners, and meeting their shipping needs with full satisfaction. SKS has a full compliment of experienced employees capable of handling all kinds of cargo shipping needs for its customers. A shipping company dedicated to providing close support, SKS assists its customers in reaching and expanding their trading markets and thereby becomes a partner in their global business growth.

What we do ?

The Company is particularly strong in the dry bulk commodity shipping business mainly handling cement, clinker, rock phosphate, coal and food grains for selected clients on regular basis. We operate our business reliably and efficiently and offer A1 class solutions & services as per our selected customers' requirements. With our professionalism, long experience and good reputation, we have built close relations with many well-esteemed ship owners and charterers.


SKS is now launching itself to a glorious future. We are an exemplary shipping company dedicated to give close support to our customers in expanding their trading markets and thereby become a partner in their global business growth.